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Some unacceptable statistics

The following statistics are not something that anyone wants to hear, especially if you are autistic or care for someone who is. They are out there in the public domain though and I feel they are totally unacceptable. Change often only happens through raising awareness levels and that's why I'm putting some of this information into my blog this time around.   Officially diagnosed autistic people make up approximately 1% of the population but 11% of suicides. Those statistics are difficult to read but even more disturbing is a recent report which indicates that 66% of autistic adults have seriously considered suicide with 35% of them actually planning their attempt. [1] It's a sad set of statistics and something that was acknowledged as a "national crisis" by the "Royal College of Psychiatrists". [2] In general life expectancy is lower for autistic people. With the average global life expectancy at approximately 72 years old this drops significantly for

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