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Autistic Rights Criticisms

Before I start this article I'd like to acknowledge that this blog is written with some bias, I'm a clinically diagnosed autistic person and a firm believer in autistic rights. Whilst I do try to research and understand other people's points of view this is my personal blog so it has a bias by its very nature. That disclaimer should tell you that this blog entry might be slightly controversial in places and contain some sweeping statements! That established I'd like to explain a little about what the autistic acceptance movement (also referred to as the autism rights movement) is before I address its criticisms. Some of the commonly held beliefs of the movement are; We want "autism acceptance" not "autism awareness". In other words we don't want you to be aware of us, we want you to accept us as we are. Autistic people should have a voice and be should heard, including those who are non-verbal. There should be no discrimination based on an autist

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